Review Process


If questions arise regarding the pre-proposal submission, program managers may be contacted by NC IDEA during the two weeks after the pre-proposal deadline. Pre-proposals submitted to NC IDEA undergo a multi-step review process: an administrative review, an MBA consultant review and an internal review.

Administrative Review

The first step in the review process is the administrative review. The NC IDEA program staff conducts a preliminary review of each application for required elements, such as company eligibility and format requirements. Not meeting eligibility or format requirements will result in pre-proposal rejection. The administrative review does not evaluate pre-proposal content.

External Review by MBA consultants

The second step in the review process is an external review process by MBA consultants. Each reviewer gives the application a numerical score along with written comments.

NC IDEA Internal Review

The third and final step in the review process is the NC IDEA internal review process. NC IDEA will review the top ranked pre-proposals. NC IDEA will make ALL final pre-proposal decisions. Pre-proposals that best fit the evaluation criteria will be invited to submit a full project proposal.

Pre-Proposal Feedback

Due to the large number of applications received, NC IDEA may not be able to provide detailed feedback. If the pre-proposal submission is rejected because it is out of scope or does not meet format requirements you will receive an email indicating this is the case. If your pre-proposal was in scope but was not selected, you will receive written feedback.  You may request a feedback session with NC IDEA.

Full Proposal

NC IDEA Internal Review

Full proposals submitted to NC IDEA undergo an internal review process. During the review process your company may be contacted by a reviewer to discuss further details of the business. Program managers for full proposals that best fit the evaluation criteria will be invited to the third and final phase of the application process, the presentation process.

Full Proposal Feedback

If the full proposal submission is rejected you will be provided your numerical score and be invited to schedule a detailed feedback session with NC IDEA.


Review Panel

The review panel is made up of 8 - 10 external reviewers, 2-4 MBA consultants and the NC IDEA management team.  The external reviews consist of entrepreneurs, investors, subject matter experts and intellectual property attorneys.  

Presentation Feedback

Those companies not awarded a grant will be invited to schedule a detailed feedback session with NC IDEA.

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NC IDEA works with MBA students and external reviewers to provide you constructive feedback on your application.

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