Grant Program

NC IDEA provides grants to North Carolina based startup companies to support business activities that validate potential markets, reduce risk of early failure and advance projects to the point of self-sustainability at which time they are suitable for private equity investment.

NC IDEA considers awarding grants to technology based businesses with the potential to become high-growth companies. NC IDEA defines a high growth company as a fast growing startup with a significant market size that will consider equity financing as part of their growth strategy.

NC IDEA has awarded over $4.2M in grants to 104 North Carolina companies since the program's inception. NC IDEA targets high-tech companies that need help crossing the chasm between initial product development and venture capital funding.

Amount of Grants

NC IDEA awards grants up to $50,000.

Grant Cycle Frequency

NC IDEA makes grant solications twice per year. The Spring cycle typically opens in mid February with Pre-Proposal applications due in early March. The Fall cycle typically opens in mid August with Pre-Proposal applications due in early September. Please review the Grant Timeline for the current cycle schedule.

Number of Grants Awarded

NC IDEA awards grants to 4-6 companies each cycle.

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