Grant Recipients


Spring 2017 Recipients

BruVue – Apex, NC
BruVue (previously Drrrip) accurately tracks beer sold at taps displaying real-time inventory and product performance data visibility to the entire beer supply chain. Users simply drop the BruVue sensor onto any tap and pour as normal to collect data which can then be viewed on BruVue’s dashboard from a laptop or smartphone. 

Connections for Autism – Durham, NC
Connections for Autism (CFA) is changing special education service delivery by saving teachers time in designing more effective individualized instruction for their students. CFA’s platform addresses the most acute challenges teachers face, providing them with tools to assess student needs, collaborate with colleagues, implement the right interventions for students with challenging behaviors and evaluate student progress – all in one powerful, integrated solution. 

PT Wired – Greensboro, NC
PT Wired is a physical therapy SaaS product that enables physical therapists to provide better service to patients while saving time in the process. Patients receive a mobile app with videos, notes, and reminders to guide them through their routine. Physical therapists are able to track patient progress/outcomes and save time with documentation.

SiNON Therapeutics – RTP, NC
SiNON Therapeutics is dedicated to improving the lives of those who suffer from debilitating neurological diseases by increasing the ability of drugs to cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). Their patented nanoparticle, the Carbon Dot, will enable pharmaceutical companies to encapsulate their drugs in a way, which dramatically improves drug-localization to the brain. This allows for a reduction in overall dose administration to the patient, leading to reduced toxicity and side effects, while improving therapeutic index and cost-efficacy. This unique platform technology can be applied to many different diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinsons, or brain tumors just to name a few. 

Trio Labs – Durham, NC
Trio-Labs’ Digital Manufacturing technology is revolutionizing the way precision parts are manufactured worldwide. Trio Labs’ technology eliminates costs associated with tooling and increases the throughput of established high-volume production processes. Their technology is disruptive to multiple techniques of precision metal and ceramic fabrication. By producing parts faster, with lower cost, lower capital investment, better precision and less post-processing, Trio Labs is fundamentally changing manufacturing. 

The Wed Clique – Charlotte, NC
The Wed Clique is a platform for venues to offer 1-Click Weddings, selling packages of vendor services matched to a customer’s unique vision for their event. The Wed Clique takes care of all the back-end contracting and payments, creating a seamless experience for couples, venues and vendors from click to “I do”. 

Fall 2016 Recipients

Allstacks – Raleigh, NC
Allstacks makes it easy for companies to onboard and offboard their employees in just a couple of clicks by managing all of their SaaS productivity apps.

Ampogee (formerly Catalant) – Greensboro, NC
Ampogee (formally known as Catalant) is a technology company committed to helping manufacturers improve their performance. By promoting autonomy, supporting mastery and connecting to purpose, Ampogee provides a performance management SaaS solution that actively engages team members and leaders in their individual success, as well as organizational success.

Decision Point Informatics – Winston-Salem, NC

Decision Point Informatics is a human informatics company that creates validated clinical decision pathways that integrate with Electronic Health Records. Their clinically validated pathways reduce healthcare spending while improving patient outcomes. The first product, HEART Pathway, has shown a yearly savings of over $3.5 million in unnecessary healthcare spending in one hospital system alone.

Orchid Gene – Morrisville, NC
Orchid Gene is a high-tech floriculture startup that produces completely maintenance free miniature flowering plant terrariums. Through the company’s technology, a superior gel medium replaces soil to eliminate plant maintenance and manipulates flowering plant characteristics such as size, bloom longevity and rate of re-bloom.

Planktos Instruments – Morehead City, NC

Planktos Instruments builds autonomous drifters for river science. The company’s innovative drifter design simplifies water monitoring and strengthens water quality assessment.

Spring 2016 Recipients

Encapsio (formerly microSiO) – Durham, NC
Encapsio produces revolutionary encapsulation and delivery systems to protect and control the release of active ingredients in product formulations. Using a proprietary synthesis process developed at Duke University, Encapsio develops and supplies customized solutions for various applications with a specific focus in personal care.

Gryppers – Raleigh, NC

Gryppers creates cutting-edge solutions, which offer comprehensive protection and complete confidence to users across various sports and markets. With a flagship, multi-sport product designed to stabilize joints (like tape), maximize performance (like gloves), as well as increase grip strength, and reduce chance of injury, Gryppers inimitably protects the athlete’s most valuable (yet neglected) assets: their hands.

ProAxion – Apex, NC

ProAxion is a technology startup that is helping define the Industrial Internet of Things. Their cloud-based wireless sensor system brings the benefits of predictive maintenance to the millions of machines that keep our society running.

Roobrik – Durham, NC

Roobrik builds online tools that help older adults and their families make hard decisions about driving safety, living situations, and dementia. Roobrik partners with regional and national senior care providers and clinical research organizations that are committed to helping families find the options that work best.

Sandbar Oyster Company – Morehead City, NC
Sandbar Oyster Company is using a patent-pending, fade-away material co-developed by a UNC scientist and a North Carolina commercial fisherman to deploy in coastal waters that promotes the settlement and growth of immense numbers of wild native oysters. Oysters growing on the materials are highly suitable for aquaculture, enhancing oyster stocks for commercial and recreational fisheries, restoring environmentally valuable oyster habitats, and creating reef structures to protect shorelines from erosion.   

Fall 2015 Recipients

Brand Assurance – Wilmington, NC
Brand Assurance helps apartment owners compete with a user-friendly software solution for managing and tracking reviews on review sites and social networks. Developed exclusively for the multifamily apartment industry, Brand Assurance allows apartment communities to turn resident feedback into actionable plans to quickly respond to competition and market demands, increase resident satisfaction and drive revenue. Unlike any other platform or service, Brand Assurance uses customer feedback surveys to proactively build and protect an apartment community’s reputation online. 

Brim – Durham, NC
Brim is the world's first productivity network, connecting people in remote locations to collaborate on files, hold online video conferences and webinars, manage tasks, share and organize data. Brim combines communication, productivity and storage technologies in an all-in-one platform for temporary and persistent collaborations. 

MV Trak (formerly Imvere) – Chapel Hill, NC
With about 25 million sports-related concussions going undetected every year, MV Trak measures head impact and rotation with 96.6% accuracy to give medical professionals and athletic trainers reliable, objective data to detect which athletes need to be further evaluated for concussion symptoms. MV Trak is an in-ear wearable technology, for both helmeted and non-helmeted athletes, allowing good decisions to be made about each athlete's brain health. 

Redbud Labs (formerly Rheomics) – Chapel Hill, NC
Redbud Labs develops tools to improve sensitivity of blood diagnostics. With the company’s patented ASAP technology, their products can efficiently and affordably process much larger volumes of blood. 

SeaChange Technologies – Raleigh, NC
SeaChange Technologies is developing an innovative technology for water purification and desalination. The company’s systems address the key drawbacks of existing desalination technologies, including intensive energy requirements, polluting brine wastewater byproduct and high maintenance costs.

Tom & Jenny’s – Chapel Hill, NC
Founded by a dentist and her husband in their home kitchen, Tom & Jenny’s developed a new kind of candy that’s both delicious and great for teeth. The company's unique formula and process results in an all-natural, sugar-free caramel that is preferred over sugar caramels by 60% of blind taste-testers and reduces cavity-causing bacteria on teeth. Tom & Jenny's candies are distributed online and through local NC retailers and healthcare offices.  

Spring 2015 Recipients

ecree (formerly Essay Assay) – Durham, NC
ecree's web-based software mirrors the mechanistic process that human writing instructors use when evaluating student essays. They provide a consistent, credible, and scalable way to assess any document on any topic, based on content, and provide substantive feedback to the student. The result is that students have access to a powerful learning resource that can help them improve their writing.

Luxury Shoe Club – Cary, NC

Luxury Shoe Club is the world's largest on-line shoe club that offers women the opportunity to own unlimited pairs of luxury shoes at little to no-cost per pair. Club members have access to thousands of “pre-owned” luxury shoe brands and styles that other members no longer wear and every time a new member joins they automatically help disadvantaged women get back on their feet.

Savii Care (formerly Akili Software) – Raleigh, NC
Savii Care, launched in 2014 by two female entrepreneurs, is a team of workflow management experts. They are revolutionizing the way home care, independent and assisted living companies collaborate, communicate and coordinate care by providing a workflow management platform for the private duty home care industry.

Trinket – Raleigh, NC
Trinket is an all-in-one coding tool designed for education. Teachers and students around the world are using Trinket to bring coding into the classroom in math, science, and computing courses. The software works instantly in any browser and allows users to share programs or websites they make with anyone.

Urban Offsets – Greensboro, NC
Carbon offsets should be more than just another expense. At Urban Offsets, they connect sustainable brands with locally-sourced carbon projects. This bolsters their brand because it invests in the places that matter most to their customers — the neighborhoods they call home.

Fall 2014 Recipients

EMPLOYUS – Raleigh, NC
EMPLOYUS is "Hiring, Powered by Us" allowing anyone to earn money helping people they know get great jobs. Founded by serial social entrepreneur Ryan O'Donnell and human capital executive, Jeff Stocks, EMPLOYUS allows companies to hire better people faster for less.

Mati Energy
– Durham, NC

MATI is the first no compromise healthy energy drink. The product is all natural, nutrient rich, provides a slow caffeine release (lasting 6 hours), and is made without any bad stuff: no added sugars, no preservatives and no artificial ingredients. With more caffeine than a Red Bull and 30% fruit juice, it packs a delicious punch.

– Durham, NC

RevBoss provides sales acceleration software and services that help SaaS / B2B companies build their pipeline and increase revenue. The company's core technology automates outbound sales development activities like prospect list building, email outreach and targeted advertising. RevBoss launched in February 2014, has 6 full-time employees and works with great clients around the world, including UserVoice, ListenLoop, Xpenditure, DriftRock and ArchiveSocial.

– Raleigh, NC

Upswing is an online student retention service that partners with colleges to increase completion rates by 10% or more. Upswing offers colleges online tutoring, offline student tracking, retention analytics and engagement support.

Written Word Media – Durham, NC

Written Word Media is the premier ad platform for publishers and authors that includes a family of sites. provides this service for books that are free. provides this service for bestselling and popular eBooks priced under $5. 

Spring 2014 Recipients

AnyCloud – Durham, NC
AnyCloud turns your online chaos - personal and shared content scattered across multiple email, social, and cloud accounts - into a blissfully ordered universe. 

Canopy (formerly Pack Purchase) – Raleigh, NC
Canopy is an online tool to help people manage their homes. Canopy brings together residents and top home services providers to reduce many pain points typically associated with this area of life. The service has launched in private beta in select locations.

CellBreaker – Durham, NC
CellBreaker gets consumers out of contracts and then refers them to new service providers. They do this with technology that automates the legal work necessary to get out of a breached contract, and the value proposition to consumers is clear: when your provider breaches, CellBreaker will detect it, and get you out of the contract in 7 days. Consumer service contracts are everywhere; we have a way to beat them; and CellBreaker’s goal is simple: let's make it easy to switch.

CrowdTunes – Durham, NC
CrowdTunes is a mobile bidding platform and music management service that empowers patrons with the ability to affect the atmosphere by bidding on the music they want to hear. CrowdTunes provides a free, legal music solution to venues that can be setup in less than five minutes and improves the establishment’s bottom line through increased sales to a more engaged customer. CrowdTunes is currently the full-time solution for five venues in Durham and Chapel Hill and new locations are being added weekly.

Eighty Percent Solutions – Chapel Hill, NC
Eighty Percent Solutions develops software that helps people be more productive by reducing digital distractions. The software interrupts the habitual cycle of distraction associated with social media, streaming sites and games. A bootstrapped venture, Eighty Percent Solutions has sold its products to over 50,000 consumers.

Lea(R)n – Raleigh, NC
Lea(R)n empowers educators by crowd sourcing their rapid feedback on learning tools to improve student learning, school purchasing and the tools themselves. Working with data scientists, technologists and national thought leaders, Lea(R)n is building a uniquely objective platform to bring quality control to a rapidly growing $90 billon market. Educators and others interested in signing up for the private beta can "Lea(R)n More" at our website.


Fall 2013 Recipients

FokusLabs – Wake Forest, NC
FokusLabs has created a behavior intervention tool for children and adults to help remind users to listen and complete their work. It can be worn by anyone, but was designed with unique features to support individuals with autism and ADHD. FokusLabs’ tactile reminder wristband vibrates based on a proprietary algorithm. This vibration is paired with a simple reminder phrase to prompt users to listen or to get back on task. This patent-pending wristband discreetly fuses psychology with technology, to simulate the gentle reminder of a vigilant teacher or friend.

Guerrilla RF – Summerfield, NC
Guerrilla RF offers high performance RF microchips to improve high speed mobile data coverage.  Their products enable better coverage area and higher data rates for cellular and Wi-Fi data networks. Through patent pending technology and deep domain expertise, Guerrilla RF addresses the unmet performance and functionality needs of mobile data infrastructure equipment manufacturers and network providers.

NIRvana Sciences – Durham, NC
NIRvana Sciences is commercializing novel fluorescent dyes developed at NC State University to improve the performance of medical diagnostic and imaging tests used to identify and treat different types of cancers and infectious diseases.

Panacea Solutions – RTP, NC
Panacea Solutions has created a data driven, robot compound printing delivery platform designed to adapt to an individual’s daily nutritional needs. They replace the need for multiple pills and compounds with a single, convenient good tasting daily packet. These personal packets are customized automatically using advanced robotic technology that is inherently hygienic, accurate and at low cost per packet. The patent pending high speed printing automation enables economic personalization of 30-day supplies that are then directly shipped to consumers.

SnapYeti – Raleigh, NC
SnapYeti is the place to find photo contests to compete and win awesome prizes, deals and discounts. For businesses, SnapYeti is an effective marketing tool to incentivize customers and potential customers to actively promote their product/service with friends and family via photo sharing contests. Current photo contest campaign tools are costly, not mobile friendly, and only attract a business’ existing social media followers. SnapYeti is the first photo contest marketplace where businesses can create a free photo contest that reaches new and current audiences on any mobile, tablet or desktop device, while also enabling businesses to create a sales channel via their contest.

Spring 2013 Recipients

BaseTrace – RTP, NC
BaseTrace designs DNA-based tracers that can establish liability, generate valuable information and reduce costs for oil and gas firms engaged in the highly-scrutinized ‘fracking’ industry. The well-specific tracers are added to hydraulic fracturing fluid used for oil and gas extraction. BaseTrace’s simple detection process can determine whether hydraulic fracturing fluid has migrated into drinking water, reducing litigation exposure for companies and improving relations with local communities. Although hydraulic fracturing is the primary focus of the venture, BaseTrace can employ the tracer in other future applications including leak detection, chemical tracing and hydrology.

– Durham, NC

INRFOOD, a personalized “Food GPS”, is starting a revolution in personal nutrition by analyzing food's core components: the ingredients. Today’s food environment is full of misinformation, and has really become more chemistry than biology. You almost need a PhD to understand what is in your food. Society as a whole has tried to simplify these complexities by emphasizing counting calories. However not all calories are created equal. INRFOOD analyzes ingredients in your food and takes into account real time issues with your health and advises you toward an optimal personalized diet. INRFOOD is as convenient and simple as scanning the bar code of any of 250,000+ food products from your smartphone. Remember you are what you eat, know what's "in our food."

NeuroPlus – Durham, NC

NeuroPlus utilizes innovative technology to help practice focus and concentration skills. Individuals wear a wireless headset that measures brainwaves and play a training game that challenges them to focus. Research into neuroplasticity shows such training can make an individual's brain better at paying attention over time - just like exercising a muscle!

Novocor Medical Systems
– Chapel Hill, NC

Novocor Medical Systems provides solutions that help Emergency Medical Service first responders save lives. Their patent pending product, HypoCore, is an innovative rapid chilling device for inducing therapeutic hypothermia in cardiac arrest, traumatic brain injury, heat stroke and heavily concussed patients to markedly improve patient survival rate. HypoCore is ready on demand. It is easily stored in ambulances, fire trucks and helicopters. It does not require external power and is compatible with standard medical equipment.

– Charlotte, NC (formerly MyLearningID)

ProctorFree is an identity verification and student authentication solution that deters cheating and academic fraud in online education. With the rapid proliferation of online course offerings, the potential for cheating has come into focus as a potential barrier to validation and accreditation for higher education. ProctorFree provides a low cost, high fidelity, effective and convenient solution that will transform online education, resulting in increased enrollments, higher integrity and improved public perception of the online education industry.

Fall 2012 Recipients

Arcametrics Systems – Durham, NC
Arcametrics Systems uses its patent-pending Arcametrics Correlation Engine to connect data without using traditional data keys. The advantage is that data that would normally be missed, such as imperfect, anonymous, or privacy-restricted data, can be incorporated to build larger, more predictive consumer audiences. Arcametrics builds target audiences for marketers, and helps companies with privacy restrictions monetize their data.

Lucerno Dynamics – Raleigh, NC

Lucerno Dyanmics has developed patent-pending technology that provides oncologists an analysis of a tumor’s response to ongoing treatment early in a patient’s treatment course. The Lucerno device is non-invasive, patient-friendly, easy to use, extremely cost-effective and provides oncologists a quantitative analysis that allows them to pursue alternative treatment courses for patients with non-responsive tumors. By stopping ineffective treatments early, oncologists can improve patient outcomes, minimize patient side effects and save significant healthcare dollars.


MEFIVER is pursuing the opportunity to revolutionize denim manufacturing and rejuvenate the American textile industry with a more sustainable and innovative denim product. MEFIVER’s proprietary process: 1) eliminates the waste and harm involved in current denim manufacturing operations; 2) streamlines the production process; 3) allows for quicker speed to market, responsiveness to consumer demand, and product customizability through creating and implementing truly innovative visual surface effects; and 4) promotes NC/US T+AM productivity and employment through maximizing local/regional supplier relationships.

PopUp – Durham, NC

PopUp is about communication tied to place. PopUp’s mobile-first platform facilitates the attachment of place-relevant information to its physical context, and the ‘serendipitous’ discovery and delivery of content through a rich mobile application experience. PopUp is engineered from the ground up to optimize communications, exchanges and sharing of digital content using location. For consumers and creators alike, PopUp offers tools to create, share, discover and consume place-relevant information.

Starfish – Durham, NC

Starfish eliminates the pain of managing the big data ecosystem, thereby enabling companies to focus on the data and applications that drive revenue. With Starfish’s innovative features, business analysts can quickly understand how their applications are performing, developers and operations personnel can collaborate to diagnose problems easily, IT managers can tune entire workloads without trial-and-error, and CIOs can eliminate guesswork from capacity planning decisions for bare metal clusters and the cloud. Being designed from the ground up for the no-one-size-fits-all nature of big data analytics, Starfish is a major improvement on existing solutions that apply traditional IT monitoring technology to individual components of the big data ecosystem.

Spring 2012 Recipients

ArchiveSocial – Durham, NC
ArchiveSocial is a social media archiving solution for business compliance and legal protection. ArchiveSocial automates record keeping from networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is designed to address record keeping challenges for businesses in industries such as financial services, insurance, healthcare, government and education. ArchiveSocial enables any organization to sign up online and start archiving social media in a matter of minutes.

– Charlotte, NC

DealCloud provides a free, web-based platform where M&A professionals can manage and grow their network, execute sophisticated deal processes, and confidentially review and manage new investment opportunities. DealCloud combines the proprietary work flow, confidentiality and process management of an internal database (like with cloud-based networking and collaboration features (like LinkedIn) to bring efficiency and ease to the M&A and capital raising process.

Gema Touch
– Durham, NC

Gema Touch sells a patent-pending Near Field Communication (NFC) platform, enabling brands to create robust customer engagement interactions between mobile devices and physical surfaces. Gema Touch has taken existing RFID tag technology and created a completely new tool that transforms day-to-day items into easy to use and personalized digital input sources for mobile technologies. From a smart in-store display to interactive event tickets, any item can create unique experiences for users.

– Durham, NC

Impulsonic develops audio content creation tools for sound designers in the film, television and video games industries. Impulsonic’s tools provide an intuitive, tablet-based multi-touch interface, enabling sound designers to effortlessly drive advanced physics-based audio content creation algorithms to create realistic sound effects. Impulsonic aims to revolutionize the audio content creation process with its superior tools for designers, allowing them to deliver amazing audio experiences.

– Durham, NC

Motaavi is a stock market for startups - an integrated trading platform and exchange where anyone can invest in and trade shares of companies raising money through private offerings, including crowdfunding. Companies seeking seed stage funding can now access investments from any investor regardless of accreditation status. The unique market structure allows investors to not only invest but trade shares in a liquid environment.

Fall 2011 Recipients

BoostSuite - Durham, NC
BoostSuite is a web marketing optimization product for small businesses. BoostSuite allows novice web marketers to build more website traffic and convert more online visitors into customers and leads for their businesses. Unlike current web marketing optimization products that bewilder and discourage small business users, BoostSuite takes only three minutes to set up, is easy to learn, and can be used by anyone.

Cell Microsystems - Chapel Hill, NC
Cell Microsystems accelerates medical discovery by developing novel research tools supporting the basic research behind scientific and medical innovation.  The first product, the IsoRaft™ System, is a revolutionary cell sorting and cell separation technology , available to research labs worldwide.

Clinical Sensors - Chapel Hill, NC
Clinical Sensors is focused on the development and commercialization of nitric oxide sensors for monitoring serious medical conditions. The company’s technology is based on both selective sensor membranes and lab-on-a-chip technologies that enable early risk assessment of diseases and health conditions. Clinical Sensors’ short-term objective is to develop and launch a new point-of-care (POC) device as an aid for sepsis risk assessment. Enabling earlier sepsis diagnosis prior to symptoms has shown to improve patient outcome and substantially reduce healthcare costs.

InfoSense - Charlotte, NC
InfoSense is a cleantech startup that makes a novel acoustic sensing technology for the wastewater collection industry. The technology drastically improves the efficiency of assessing pipes for blockages. The company’s gateway product provides a simple blockage assessment in less than three minutes and for a cost less than one tenth that of existing alternatives. With the ability to inspect pipes more easily, wastewater operators now have the ability to better target pipe cleaning resources – reducing unnecessary cleaning costs and helping improve the maintenance of aging sewer infrastructure globally.

mailVU - Charlotte, NC is an online video platform that makes it easy for businesses to conduct video marketing: outbound video messaging and distribution, incoming video testimonials, video contests, and video hosting and embedding. Businesses retain complete control over their video portfolio, including branding, distribution, and privacy. mailVU also provides an API for integration into other platforms under their Private Label plan.

Spring 2011 Recipients

Keona Health – Chapel Hill, NC
Keona Health makes an advanced Online Triage portal, which helps patients make smarter health choices, improves operations for healthcare providers, and saves money.  The intelligence inside is the Insight Engine, which combines knowledge of the practice of medicine with statistics from thousands of previous encounters.

Loyalese – Durham, NC
Loyalese is an online loyalty platform that makes ecommerce loyalty easy for online shoppers and merchants. Consumers earn cash back and rewards for shopping, referring friends and recommending products, and merchants increase revenue through custom rewards that promote loyalty and word-of-mouth advocacy. Learn more at

NanoForge – Durham, NC
NanoForge produces copper nanowires, which are long filaments of copper ten times thinner than the wavelength of visible light. When spread onto a surface, the nanowires form a microscopic mesh that is nearly transparent and highly conductive. Such surfaces are a critical component of all touch screens, flat panel displays and photovoltaic cells. NanoForge’s unique copper nanowires revolutionize the manufacturing of these products by providing a low-cost alternative to the currently used crystalline Indium-tin-oxide on both glass and flexible plastic substrates.

OtherScreen – Charlotte, NC
OtherScreen is a consumer technology startup building a convergence platform for television and the Internet. The company believes there is a large opportunity to combine mobile Internet, broadcast TV, user-generated content and social gaming to form an entirely new layer of monetize-able consumer entertainment and solve the problem of partial viewer engagement.

Sarda Technologies – Durham, NC

Sarda Technologies is a clean-tech startup focused on reducing power loss in a wide range of electronic systems. Sarda’s product is a more efficient semiconductor switch for voltage converters that are widely used in portable, enterprise and consumer systems. Sarda’s switch reduces power loss which, in turn, increases system performance, extends battery life and reduces system size, weight and cost.

Fall 2010 Recipients

HEALTHeME – Durham, NC

HEALTHeME’s digital therapeutics platform empowers people to manage their own health via the web and their mobile phone. The HEALTHeME platform combines clinical treatments and sophisticated artificial intelligence to create customized plans based on users’ lifestyles, health goals and personality type. Leveraging real-time coaching, social networks and the user’s own healthcare providers, HEALTHeME provides truly tailored care outside the clinic walls. Its first product scales obesity treatment and has been launched in three states including North Carolina. To date, data shows that HEALTHeME’s users’ achieve double the weight loss as other mobile health products at 3 months.

PowerChalk – Cary, NC

PowerChalk is the first and only web-based sports motion telestrator that lets you upload, markup and voiceover videos without installing high priced, hard to use (and harder to configure) software. Already in use by major league players and teams, PowerChalk is changing the face of sports instruction.

RemedEase – Durham, NC

RemedEase offers a patented method and device as a new and novel treatment for nosebleeds, suffered by millions of Americans every day. It requires only that the device be slipped under the top lip where it significantly curtails the primary flow of blood to the nose in approximately 1-2 minutes. It is easily distinguished from other nosebleed products - none of which are both patented and FDA approved and all of which require that the device be inserted in the nose cavity directly, therefore being much more invasive to use.

Scion NeuroStim – Raleigh, NC

Scion NeuroStim has developed an inexpensive, non-invasive neurostimulator that is being used in a highly successful pilot study to treat migraine patients. The underlying science involves stimulation of innate protective pathways in the body to treat pain. The goal is to provide a device that can be used in either the physician’s office or eventually the patient’s home. The company’s current focus is on expanding clinical studies using the device and achieving FDA clearance for its commercialization.

Spring Metrics – Durham, NC

Spring Metrics helps you grow your online business by providing a deeper understanding of your customers and how they interact with your website. The company does this by making complex web analytics more friendly and digestible for marketers and e-commerce professionals who don't want to wrestle with the complexity of traditional analytics products. With an easy-to-use interface that requires no coding knowledge, Spring Metrics eliminates the hassle of creating conversion funnels and goals. The company's real-time dashboard offers an array of conversion-oriented metrics, and the Insight Engine unearths actionable patterns in the data—patterns that help you turn more visitors into paying customers.

Spring 2010 Recipients

BioShape Solutions – RTP, NC
BioShape is developing medical devices that permit simple and effective local delivery of therapeutic agents around surgical implants. The company’s initial products are focused on delivering antibiotics for the prevention and treatment of orthopaedic implant infections. The combined treatment of these implant-associated infections costs the U.S. healthcare system nearly $2 billion annually.

The Coaching Mark – Morrisville, NC
The Coaching Mark (TCM) provides a Software-as-a-Service platform dedicated to Helping Youth Thrive through athletics. TCM works with scholastic athletic programs, offering holistic team management tools to the coaches and Athletic Directors, and provides athletes and their families a wide range of tools, content and exclusive offers to foster their athletic and life skill development.
Cooperative Entertainment, Inc. – Raleigh, NC
Cooperative Entertainment is developing a technology, service and marketing platform based on the tracking and utilization of idle or spare CPU capacity during online computer and video game sessions. A free software API called JoosyCloud is being developed for developers and publishers to incorporate into their games that aggregates spare CPU capacity within these games and leases them to corporate, academic and government customers.

Open Connect Corporation – Charlotte, NC
Open Connect Corporation develops and markets ezFoodOrder, a web-based application that streamlines the nation’s $175 billion foodservice distribution industry. By allowing foodservice distributors to easily compete for restaurant business, ezFoodOrder reduces food costs for restaurant operators by 15% on average. Because restaurant profit margins are thin (5% on average) and food costs are substantial (roughly 33% of revenue), the result is a 50% to 80% boost in bottom-line profitability for restaurant customers.

Patagonia Health – Cary, NC
Patagonia Health’s easy to use Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software is designed specifically for small physician practices. The web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) EMR provides 6X cost savings, 10X delivery and 20X support advantage compared with legacy client server EMR architecture. In addition to the convenience of anytime, anywhere web access, physician practices benefit from low monthly subscription pricing enabled by the SaaS business model. Patagonia Health is transforming healthcare IT by bringing efficiency to small physician practices while improving patient care.

Fall 2009 Recipients

  • Argyle Social
  • CertiRx Corporation
  • Dyzen, Inc.
  • EcoCurrent
  • EntoGenetics

Spring 2009 Recipients

  • Epiphany Mobile Solutions
  • The Green Cooling Group
  • LearnVC
  • StatSheet
  • Tec-Cel

Fall 2008 Recipients

  • Arctic
  • b2b2dot0
  • BioMedomics
  • InnerOptic
  • Spoonflower

Spring 2008 Recipients

  • iCustom
  • Jute Networks
  • MBright
  • Next Ray
  • Physcient
  • Valencell

Fall 2007 Recipients

  • Chiliport
  • CorePrognostex
  • CPS Biofuels
  • Filtara
  • Size Me Up

Spring 2007 Recipients

  • A-B-Sea Research
  • AP Solutions
  • Beecoz
  • Cytex Therapeutics
  • Oncoscope

Fall 2006 Recipients

  • Dpoly Systems
  • MAT
  • Cancer Guide Diagnostics (Oncogenomics)
  • Protochips

Spring 2006 Recipients

  • CardioVascular Resonances
  • DeltaSphere
  • Illuminus
  • ImagineOptix
  • InsituTec
  • TransLoc
  • ZumaTek


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