Approach to Grant Making

NC IDEA provides grants to North Carolina high-tech start-up companies.  Grants are made to businesses; we do not fund individuals or companies that are based outside of North Carolina.

We seek innovative companies in the areas of: Information Technology, Medical Diagnostics and Devices, Material Sciences and Green Technologies.  We enjoy collaboration with our grantees and seek to work with them in supportive, collegial relationships.

NC IDEA realizes the powerful role that small grants can play in further developing high-tech start-up companies.  We encourage grant winners to utilize the knowledge of the NC IDEA team and the extensive network to connect to those that can help the grant winning companies succeed.  Because its grants are relatively small (in the range of $10,000 - $50,000) NC IDEA grants are targeted at companies where the grant funds can make a significant impact on the companies progress. 

We are committed:

  • to respect those seeking grant monies by demonstrating courtesy, responsiveness and objectivity in assessing how their grant requests meet our mission goals.
  • to communicate honestly and directly with those seeking support.
  • to demonstrate both accountability to and support for our grantees after a grant is made.


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