Application Criteria

When evaluating each application NC IDEA will make an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each applicant company in the following areas: Idea, Technology, Team, Market, Competition, Strategy, Funding and Impact.  


  • Size and significance of problem being addressed
  • Benefits, strength, and uniqueness of solution


  • Technology strength
  • Stage of development
  • Intellectual property
  • IP state


  • Quality of management team
  • Experience of management team members
  • Completeness of management team
  • Quality of advisors


  • Size of the Target Addressable Market (TAM)
  • TAM growth rate
  • Quality of market assessment


  • Company's competitive advantage
  • Number, size and strength of competitors


  • Revenue model
  • Sales and Marketing Plan
  • Distribution plan
  • Operational plan


  • Prior funding
  • Use of grant funds
  • Future funding potential


  • Milestones
  • Impact of grant funds on company

Grant Program

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Working on your Fall 2016 Seed Grant application?

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