NC IDEA serves as a catalyst for young, high-growth, technology companies in North Carolina. We help these innovative companies mainly by providing early financing in the form of grants.

NC IDEA knows that money alone does not drive success. The management team at NC IDEA understands the needs of startups. The staff at NC IDEA has experience in building and advising young companies and is available as a resource for those companies that are awarded one of our grants.

NC IDEA is strategically positioned to leverage solid partnerships and alliances to support our grant winning companies. We are proud of our collaborative relationships with other North Carolina based organizations and the opportunities we can offer to young companies through these networks.


Industry Focus

NC IDEA focuses on helping North Carolina based companies that are in the following industries:

  • Information Technology
  • Medical Diagnostics and Devices
  • Material Sciences
  • Green Technologies


NC IDEA provides small grants to high-tech start up companies in North Carolina.  The grant funds must be used for business related expenses and the funds must help companies achieve significant milestones. 

Investing More Than Money

NC IDEA offers young companies more than just grants - our management team who have worked with many early stage companies help grant winners identify their most pressing business needs, position them for growth and maximize their prospects for commercial success. 

We also provide access to seasoned business and technology leaders who mentor and guide entrepreneurs through the complex growth cycles that young companies encounter. Our experienced management team willingly taps its extensive resource network to leverage business relationships that can help grant winning companies overcome research, product development, sales and product adoption hurdles.

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